[REPORT] Noé to represent France at Qualifiers #RebBullBcOne

❝ Now dance!

Said the ant to the cricket… Jean De La Fontaine certainly did not believe that we would take it at the word, a little more than 3 centuries later. (sidenote: the cricket is translated to french by « la Cigale » which is also the name of the venue where the event took place)

Anyway, it’s by chance that we arrived last night at the gates of the parsian venue, hoping to get a ticket to the Red Bull BC ONE CYPHER FRANCE.

Once this step completed – without too much trouble – we had then to study the whole place in a jiffy, in order to find the best location. Unlike stand-up dances events, if you can’t see the stage – the very floor, that is – at a breakdance event, you miss everything! (Well, there’s still the retransmission on a giant screen but that’s not the first thing you think about when you arrive. And direct vision is always better, anyway)

At 20:30 sharp, the show begins. It had all of a gladiators show: judges sitting in vermilion seats adorned with gold; the venue and its audience, looking like a roman arena; palpable seriousness on the faces of our 16 fighters and solemn atmosphere due to the music and lights.


The duels, in one on one with 3 rounds each, were fierce quality. Sometimes serious, sometimes amusing, sometimes electric, sometimes phlegmatic… Each battle, each dancer made ​​the France Cypher an emotional roller coaster.

My favorite of the evening: Bboy Dany. A powerful and facetious style, with finesse and funk. He clearly got the public support except during the controversial quarterfinal against b-boy Francklin…

Personally, I did not see an ounce of controversy: the two dancers did a good job, each in their own style. I would say that Dany showed multifaceted dance while Franklin rather concentrate on power moves. Sure, it’s impressive and visually catchy but it ignores a whole section of breakdance.

Sadly, my favorite fell in the final against b-boy Noé! We could feel he was overwhelmed by fatigue, judging by his less precise movements and less strong bearing… On the other side, Noé was a ball of energy showing a flawless performance! It’s only during his semi-final against Abd-L that I noticed our winner. I remember thinking:

« Damn, he’s boiling! If he wins now, he’s going to win the Cypher!

A remarkable journey, giving himself over completely from beginning to end, a sparkling dancer at ALL stages of the competition: it is without a doubt that Noé pockets the sesame to the next step, the Continental Qualifiers, 11 October in Helsinki, Finland.

To be continued,




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