Past 25, you become an old piece of mold…?!

When I watch dancers like Poppin’ Pete or Junior Almeida who are still incredibly fresh despite being in their 50’s, I start thinking that age is nothing but a number, even in Hip Hop.

Pop N Taco, with his hermit/biker look, is still operational.

As for Seen, he must be in his 100s (yes, Japanese always look way younger than their true age). He reminds me the genie in the lamp, in Disney movie Aladin: the goatee, the jacket, the earrings, and of course, his huge talent!

Then, you have Busta Rhymes and Eminem who drop bombs without warning. Is that their midlife crisis? I want the same one…


There are so many things around me reflecting the image that, past a quarter of a century, that’s what you’re becoming:


Many examples…

– No more grants or sponsorships to support your projects. (note: in France, you can have the support from your city, your conty or private sponsors for projects: humanitarian, cultural, scientific… There are many conditions, of course, and your age is one of them).
Once you hit 26, nobody keeps you from achieving your projects, noooo… But you’d better have your own cash / an understanding banker / a comprehensive family / friends in the mafia … Ah yes, I forgot the crowd funding system… My bad.

– No more daily discount. (note: In France, discounts are offered for the youngest – under 25 – and the oldest – above 60 – such as: public transportation, cultural event, cinema, restaurants…).

– People you come across in the hip hop dance events, in the public I mean. Under 21 youngsters come massively… So where are the the old wolves?

❖ My little theory on that point 
Past a certain age, it’s simple:
◇ either you work in the hip hop scene, in that case we can see you everywhere. We can even see wrinkles appear on your face, or your belly getting bigger and bigger (no pregnancy involved); your hair is getting grey or it simply disapear…

◇ either you don’t have time/desire any longer (work, family, studies…) and in that case, you much less frequent events than during your wild youth years…

– students in workshops. Same as what’s written above, sort of… Except here, you also have to consider the physical aspect. Because you know, past 25, rheumatism and various bodily ailments are eager to invade your body, like:

❝ the way is cleeeeeaaaaar !!!


Grandmamma Woodynova


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