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**En français, c’est par ici**

One day, Jesus of Nazareth himself appeared to me in a dream and told me « Woodyni … Nip-Hop … Go back to sleep. »

This is where the idea of Nip-Hop came from.

–  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –  –

As I really doubt you can swallow that, let me tell you the rteal story: 

« Nip-Hop », it’s simply the contraction of Nippon (Japan) and Hip-Hop (the dance). I really like both, separately … But when the two meet, it’s love at first sight!


I started dance when I was 11 and stopped two years after… Then, I started again around 18 yo… And re-stopped two years after, in order to follow the « normal » way: studies – degrees – work – taxes.

But now I’m back! Pumped up! Mad! BLOODSHOT eyes! Swollen veins! Like Vegeta!!!


As for Japan… 🙄 Where to start?

Today, many aspects of Japanese culture attract me. Things I used to despise are fueling my curiosity now (eg before I thought: « Manga? Ugh, that’s for pimpled high school students… » and then « bentos? Pfff, those are made for the quinoa salad eating Parisian hippies or for scrapbooking fan mothers at home  … « ).

Most of the time, those discoveries happen by chance¹ or in a one thing leading to an other situation²…

¹ By chance: an encounter, the reading of an article on a newpaper, a forum… As illustrated below:

« You don’t know One Piece? »
« No »
« You should have a look, it’s cool »
\\\3 months later///
« Go, Mugiwara, woohoo!! »

² Ahem… The explanation for point #2 is more difficult. Lets say the culture of a country is like a giant bubble in which there would be a lot of smaller bubbles…

Language, music, other…

There is no definite front door and it is fairly easy to navigate from one bubble to another …

The Japanese bubble, that’s how I see it:


In my case, I entered through the ETC bubble! In other words, through the urban culture and more specifically, hip-hop. I was captivated by the prowess, efficiency, accuracy and energy of the dancers (sometimes very young).

I didn’t expect that from an Asian country… What I had in mind was closer to this (skip to 25 sec):

I quickly swallowed my saliva, my tongue and my prejudices after this heartcrush :

Then, from the ETC! bubble, I jumped to the LANGUAGE bubble… Then ANIME, MUSIC and DRAMA (hum… timidly).


That’s a « one thing leading to an other » situation (you can stop the violins)…

What about the « Project » aspect?

PROJECT, it’s just to show, so the whole thing looks stylish. Like, I have a life, ya know…

But seriously, the « project » aspect is still in its infancy, it has no clearly defined boundaries or well-marked directions … I continue to live my normal life with my job unglamorous until I jump out in the bohemian side of the force, and focus on this project that does not exist yet.

You see, Clark Kent? He is a journalist at the DailyPlanet during the day, queer in an electric blue spandex unitard at night or during lunch (ok, he saves lives but, still …). If he can juggle with his double life, nothing is lost for me …


See you


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