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>>>>> EDIT: Alas, 2015 will be a year without JUSTE DEBOUT 😥 … The organizing team is taking a break but they will come back stronger in 2016 ! <<<<<<

Second [DROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT] news in less than 24 hours! Except this time, I’m ahead… Way ahead… 10 month to be precise.

When we were taught last March that the 2015 edition of Juste Debout would not happen – due to renovation works in Bercy [the venue], the reactions were divided between shock, worry, sadness and disbelief. After all the Juste Debout has been, for several years now, the rendez-vous for all the street dance lovers.

« Stopped due to works? Is this a joke !?! They [the JD staff] won’t stand idly just because of works, must be kidding me!

Could be read here and there on social networks… And indeed, the surprise of the news was folloed by a period of suspense and various speculations, especially on the Juste Debout’s website’s forum.

Well, it’s on this very forum that the news broke, and that I’m delivering you today, as it is (translated from french):

❝ As you already know Bercy closed behind us to renovation works and we chose not to organize JUSTE DEBOUT  in 2015!!

BUT we still reserve a big surprise with a new rendez-vous: the JD’OR! (or= gold)
The JD’OR is THE ultimate meeting of legends and new Juste Debout talents!

Therefore we want to pay tribute to all the dancers who have marked the Juste Debout editions since 2002!

The idea? The Juste Debout, the public, and some host countries select dancers who have marked the history then invite them to meet each others for a ultimate solo battle to showcase the best of dancing!

The next rendez-vous for the JD’OR is taken : MARCH 2015 ! Venue and dancers revealed soon!

How about you? Who makes you vibrate and deserves his place among the legends?
#jdor #justedebout #ldancelegends #rdvhiphop    

More on Juste Debout forum (this very post is in french only) => Post Juste Debout 2015

In any case, we know that something will occur. The next steps will be to know where, how and most importantly who …






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