**Version française**

Dancers, graffers, sound makers, rappers, DJs but also photographers, movie makers, writers, journalists (and more broadly, anyone who – without necessarily being a professional – revolve around the urban culture world. Well, let’s not be shy, everyone involved in the world of art** in general).

Pro or not, dedicated or not… If you like art to the point that it becomes an important part of your life, which pill would you choose?

Blue or red, they refer to – guess you got it – the movie Matrix, and symbolize the dilemma between living IN or OUT live system.

**I chose art, but this apply, with more or less serious consequences, to other areas such as politics, economics, science…


The blue one represents « normal life ». It’s made of ups and downs, and generally, the « commute, work, sleep » routine prevails. We gain comfort and steadiness but this life is set to an uncontrollable metronome and happiness – sometimes artificial – comes at a high price. Some may a priori have an enviable life routine but behind the scenes is sometimes surprising. Here, take the example of those who spend their time between New York, Kuala Lumpur, Rio, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin, Bali,… That makes one dream, doesn’t it?

Well, not necessarily. Because for some of them, this is literally the case: spending their life BETWEEN these dream destinations. In airplanes, in airports, in the hotel room, in the meeting room… and the loop repeats endlessly.

Red however, is the risk, uncertainty, sacrifice. Not that sacrifices do not exist in the classical pathway, but there, as 50 cents would say, it’s « Get Rich or die trying »…
Without being as extreme, the fact is that an artist’s life oscillates between jackpot and great pains. Sometimes one or the other; sometimes both, in varying degrees. Success and recognition come through hard work, perseverance, talent and luck. And unfortunately, without warranty.
As for the future… how to ensure one’s back? Which heritage to pass on? Those artists whose main tool is the body, how does it go in case of failure? Retirement pension, paid holidays and all that… probably do not exist in this world, am I mistaken?

Some made their decision long ago, with success or regrets.

Others are at a crossroads; with the intention to bet on the future.

Finally, there are those who are plagued by doubt and weigh heavily the pros and cons: get into the mold? Follow one’s vocation? This tugging is probably the worst and I can imagine many have gone through it… Doing what you love and following what Society or your entourgae want you to?


In my case, I swallowed the blue pill long ago. Hip Hop was a passion until I got my baccalauréat (French High School diploma) and over the years, the craze slowly eroded to disappear completely in favor of a « normal life ». Well, this is what I thought…

By surprise, the flame rekindled and now I find myself in a vise: comfort and stability gained over the years versus the attraction of a more bohemian life, riskier yes, but also freer. Backtrack? Spit out the pill I, obviously, did not fully digested?

There are also those times when you feel ready to make the leap into the void but soon, the panic arrives and you start questionning yourself: « Will the parachute open? » « What am I going to land on? »

There. Big dilemma.

 Briefly, red pill or blue pill?…To be continued






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