[NIP HOP] Popping Made In Tokyo

In this video, you can admire a nice bunch of japanese dancers. More precisely, this is what I call la crème de la crème* of Tokyo poppers.
*the cream of the crop.

They’re the ones you can see in every competitions (national or international) and all events. They really deserve the name of Ultimate Crew!

The routine is sublime, solo or duets parts are to die for, the soundtrack makes one dream (remixes out of nowhere…). Not to mention the japanese trademark: zillion people dancing at the same time on the same stage whitout the whole thing looking like a total mess.
That’s all the Nip Hop I like.

Former Action: Madoka, Kite, Shun, Taku, Hiroki
Black Dogs: Fish Boy
LB: Ryuzy

Without forgetting the Fantastic 4 which can be seen at 4:44 (only 4… that’s a conspiracy, I can tell!!), the very tall guy, the braided hair and glasses wearing guy (he reminds me of Tao Pai Pai). And I’m still missing one… Shit.
As you can see, I unfortunately don’t know the name or crew of all dancers!

Judging from the few mistakes, I’d say it’s once again a « lastminute.com » choreography, ie created a day ahead… Our Japanese friends are specialists in this area and given the technicality and aesthetics, you generally won’t see through… Except I’m no fool anymore :-p


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