The Juste Debout is a worldwide dance festival, which features the « stand-up » styles of street dance. Qualifiers are held in different countries, during a 3 months tour, and the finals take place in Paris, France. 6 disciplines are represented : House, Locking, Hip Hop, Popping, Top Rock and Experimental.

Official website for more informations


= Year 2014 edition’s facts: =



Tatsuo_House JimmySoul_Locking MarQuest_Hiphop Djidawi_Popping

House : Tatsuo (JP)

Locking : Jimmy Soul (FR)

Hip Hop : Marquest (USA)

Popping : Djidawi (FR)

☞ Read more here (in french & english).




USA 07 & 08/12/2013 website (in english) // facebook page  – as I’m writing, it’s about to start! >>> Video Report

Brazil 14 & 15/12/2013 ➔ website (in portuguese) >>> Video Report

Japan 04/01/2014website (in japanese) // facebook page >>> Video Report

Korea 12/01/2014 facebook page >>> Video Report

Kazakhstan 18/01/2014 website (in english and russian) // facebook page >>> Video Report

Taiwan 25 and 26/01/2014 na // na
>>> Video Report

Sweden 31/01 & 01/02/2014 ➔ na // na

Holland 02/02/2014 na // na

UK 08/02/2014 website // facebook page

Italy 09/02/2014 na // na

Russia 15/02/2014 na // na

Switzerland 16/02/2014 na // facebook page

Germany 22/02/2014 na // na

France 28/02/2014 official website (in english and french) // official facebook page

I wish I could fly to one of these countries but that won’t be possible this year, >>my wallet is desperately empty…<<.




In 2014, Juste Debout will be held on 2 days instead of one !

Why a two-days event ?

The idea is to make a condensed event, so that each can appreciate the finales and so that the dancers can give the best of them for the public.

source: official website




☞  Because Barack Obama approves it…

 barack-jd (click on the picture to open the link)

☞  Because of the trailer :


= And now the minute of wisdom… =



clock2   SCHEDULE

March, sunday 2nd march 2014 14h – 23h (more or less)

 moneypig2  TICKET

The price for the final is 30€ per person or 25€ for 15 people+ group (price per person).

Tickets are available on these links => link 1, link 2

map2   ACCESS

The venue is POPB (Palais Omnisport Paris Bercy) or BERCY (shorter)

Address : 8 boulevard de Bercy 75012 PARIS – FRANCE

❒ Getting there (1) ➔walk_icon – car_icon – vélo_icon – Moto_icon (click on the map to follow the link)


❒ Getting there (2) ➔Plane_icon – train_icon – metro_icon  (click on the map to follow the link)

Paris area transportation network

❒ Getting there (2′) ➔Plane_icon – train_icon – metro_icon  (click on the map to follow the link)

National Railway Network // Paris Area



You should definitely check the Juste Debout’s website: here is a direct link to the hotels page. The price range is 30 – 120 € per person.

For a lower price range, there are alternative solutions like Wimdu and AirBnB.


nerd2  FREE ADVICE (especially for the first timers…)

❒ All the informations above are given for day 2, the grand final. Informations about day one are still kept secret… mwahahaSpy_icon

❒ Food and drinks are allowed inside (tolerated?). You can also buy inside the venue. Caution: those rules might change this year!

❒ Cameras are allowed. I don’t know about DSLR, though…

❒ Seats are not numbered. So you have to come early (10 AM) if you want to be in the best spots… Being there early might not be enough to get those coveted seats, as shown on the picture below (click to enlarge)

Bercy’s best spots…

Once the door are opened, people get wild… I mean really WILD… You have to be prepared to slap somebody in his face or work on your mantra not to lose control on the D day ;-p…


New feature! I will describe it as a « live motion twitter ». This program is meant to give short and quick news; that’s another way to live the tour.

Here is the introduction (don’t forget to activate subtitles if your computer doesn’t do it automatically!).


♦ Flash #1 : organisation (new countries, new categories, finals over 2 days)

♦ Flash #2 : ADN


That’s all for now.

I will update this post if new and useful informations come. STAY TUNED!!




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