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So , As I said at the end of part #1 that Saturday, november the 9th began with a cruel dilemma: go to Gentilly to attend the Rendez Vous or stay at my warm sweet home in pyjamas?

In such a moment, my aunt would look at me straight in the eye, and solemnly say:

« You will have plenty of time to rest when you’re in the grave…


…Think well…


Very effective, an hour later I was on my doorstep, ready to go. Once outside, a gust of icy wind slaped me so I hesitated for a moment to turn back but then I said « Well, I go, I stay for an hour and then I get out ».

Approaching the place of the event, the excitement remains quiet… Until this huge sign of destiny: the playlist 「Ladies Rule」 of my ipod, in shuffle mode, plays Madonna’s Vogue *. I’m not saying this to make the story more beautiful or more exciting, it really happened this way, to the point I even thought to myself « wow, what’s that sh*t? »

Driven by this peak of good humor, I start to walk a little more determined, thinking that there’s no reason for the event not to be cool…

(*I was particularly marked by Madonna during the 90’s, both with her style – platinum blond hair, conic bras … – and her music – Vogue, Erotica, Secret. )

~ Le Rendez Vous ~

 I walk in the Générateur, the venue for this event.

First reaction: thank God, it’s warm! Second reaction: My God, people are beautiful!

In the room, you can feel a Fashion Week atmosphere, due to the sober decor, the way seats are arranged, the lighting… The agitation is palpable: there are those who run back and forth, those who work on their steps, those who make few retouches on their make-up, those who adjust their suits or rearrange their hairstyles. And then, all the others, who are talking, laughing or striking a pose under the camera lense…

After that, people sit down, the jury – Yoshie Koda, Aviance Milan, Lilkiss and Lasseindra Ninja – takes seat and the orchestra conductors, Dashaun Wesley and Lydia La Peste, the spice and the sugar, make their entrance: the show can begin.

At that moment, I was not sure of what to expect because my experience was limited to a few performances and many a priori: my first encounter with voguing was rather disappointing but the recent weeks discoveries and the atmosphere in the room let me assume that a flow of good things would come.

So guess what? This is exactly what happened! If I had to sum up the day …

… in a word, I would say glamourous.

… in a tags cloud, I would say audacious, dramatic, fierce, elegant, flamboyant, intense, extravagant.

… in an anthem, I would say‟Sucré, salé, hoooooouse of Ladurée! ♪”([trans: Sugary, Salty, House of Ladurée] chanted repeatedly by House of Ladurée members, and chanted by Wesley Dashaun as well, afterwards).

… in a step, I would say the dip (or drop?), this movement consists in dropping to the ground, on one’s back, with one leg bent. With the princess/diva aspect of this move and the jubilation that it generates in the audience every time it’s performed, all I can do is subscribe !

♦ Dips, watch from 00’45 » (I used to love that C. Milian’s video, so I took the opportunity to place it…)

♦ And a little bonus… Because between dips and duck walks, my heart swings severely …


A choreographic competition kicks off this crazy day. So far, so good. The next step is somehow the transition between what I know and the discovery: the Soul Walk. This is a parade with the dress code « Indian Summer » in the same spirit as the Soul Trains.

The actual exploration for me starts from the following category: the Runway. This is where the confusion begin, because the word runway can be interpreted as track. Furthermore, dancers had to walk on the stage dressed as horsemen so my question is : was this kind of a pun between runway//horse track (racecourse) and runway//catwalk? Anyway, my existential reflections didn’t last, let me reassure you …

With the following categories, the Waacking Battle, the Old Way and the New Way, I observed a display of sensuality, elegance, craziness due to both the costumes and the dancers’ attitude. It felt like being, at best, in a movie, and at worst, in another world. In the good way…

In my case, I reached the peak with the category Vogue Fem: a debauchery of femininity, to the point you no longer know where to turn your head. Mini shorts, plaid blouses tied at the waist, hair flying in the wind … even if there was no wind … even if there was no hair (I mean, not all the dancers had a diva-like mane). As for the battles, they were wild and chic at the same time: the dancers represented their respective house while keeping a certain class.

It is clearly the category that impressed me the most (*o*) and in order to describe my state of mind that day, especially during that category, there’s nothing better than a bit of the Michael Jackson’s song The Way You Make Me Feel:

Hey Pretty Baby With The
High Heels On
You Give Me Fever
Like I’ve Never, Ever Known
You’re Just A Product Of
I Like The Groove Of
Your Walk,
Your Talk, Your Dress

And now, some pictures (69 pics), The complete album can be found  >>>HERE<<<


Woodyni, strike a pose (or die trying)


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