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There are evenings like that, where you just want to sit back and relax, watching a good old 70’s poorly dubbed kung fu movie, and enjoying a frozen pizza (la Galérienne recommends Dr Oetker’s).

But, before procrastination takes control of my body, I have to make a little report of last saturday’s event: Cercle Underground season 2 episode 3. Let’s Go!

First, before diving headfirst into the heart of the matter, here is a little reminder of the principle:

The Cercle Underground is a 3 on 3 competition, organised by Hagson from the Wanted Posse, where each team can not simply peacefully dance but must at all costs defend its honor. So, goodbye glitter, farewell courtesy: it’s not a battle anymore, it’s war, my friend. Score is settled! You must fight for your colors until the very last drop of sweat ; and indeed every member of the team who has the misfortune to lose must give his t-shirt, symbolizing the colors of the crew, to the opponents who can make whatever they want with it…

Anyway, all wasn’t lost: who was there, ogling dripping wet torsos and sparkling 6 packs? It’s Woodyni. So… Happy?

Not easy to make a 100% battle oriented report, as I love talking about the details which revolve around. But I’ll have to do without because there is much to say about the performance so, no,

  • I won’t explain why the D- RER line is simply the lamest train line of the galaxy (it has always been, and it always will);
  • I won’t detail the sweet atmosphere during the warm up;
  • and of course, I won’t say that I was dying of laughters whenever Babson opened his mouth;
  • I certainly won’t tell you how the audience freezed with admiration during Damon Frost, kind of a Mozart of popping, did his judge showcase.
  • I won’t waste pixels to describe how the public got on fire when hearing House Of Pain’s « Jump Around » and Busta Rhymes’ « Pass The Courvoisier », that DJ Yugson put innocently.

Well. All tis not being said, I can go to the main topic, with joy and good humor. 

❝ We want the battles! We want the Battles! ❞  Cries the excited crowd…


First of all, a little overview (click to enlarge, unless you have bionic eyes):

cercle underground

I haven’t always been able to determine the name of each dancer, and I haven’t payed attention equally to each battle (you’ll understand what I mean by reading the report). So at this point, this table explains somehow who faced who, who won, who lost, who had to show his abs …

Now my turn to add my two cents.


On the first round, the Dtreets where fresh : one of them was a real electric battery but his energy remained well canalized, with clean moves. Another had a waves and twists oriented style with a provocative attitude, but I found him less punchy.

On the Inglorious side, nothing to say, everything was good: Djidawi alternating soft moments and rough moments; Bruce, peaceful, performing flawless glides while having his mouth full of food. That’s nice, I can see he respects the « eat-move » campaign of the Ministry of Health.

On the second round, the Dtreets are still in order; one of them brilliantly mixes equilibrium phases, waves and more geometric moves.

On the Inglorious side, it feels like a demonstration of everyone’s range of possibilities. First, Monsta Pop that enters the skin of a real puppet, his face remains impassive, his movements are surprisingly smooth, whether he is standing and on the ground. We have the impression that his brain no longer functions ; the disjointed beat of the music selected by DJ Romento took possession of his body… Djidawi has crazy arms ; Bruce is into tetris and mime.

2 – MIGHTY G vs POP SLAYERS @popping

On the first pass, I found POP SLAYERS quite disparate: the first had a good flow and a good groove (which I think is pretty cool for a popper) again, the sound was played midway between funk and hip hop. I found the second to be a good dancer on the waves but less accurate or off beat during the hits.

As for MIGHTY G… First, you should have seen their absolutely swaggued look: same T-shirts, same sunglasses, same goatees, and a small leather jacket to complete. Plus, when they arrived on stage, Babson says « you’d see Ice Cube, NWA and ???« … I did not hear the last name, but I found the comparison fair and funny. Greenteck issued us a very smooth performance, full of hits and waves, but not really like the character we know, you see, the one who can freeze in any direction of space and pop in improbable positions.

Prince, honestly, this dude has insane hits. His t-shirt (yet, large enough) could tear under pressure, m’kay… And Ness, in addition to a demonstration of his power, came in a game of provocation by getting the opponent.

Things amplified on the second round. Each team challenges the opponent more. I applaud POP SLAYERS’s teamwork because they placed some combinations. On MIGHTY G side, power and agility got higher.

Greenteck twists and turns constantly, with a delirious velocity; Ness is completely transported, he performs on the ground and then, slow motion – fast motion sequences. Then Prince… I’ll just say that Salah’s face alone summarized the whole situation, a « WHaAAat?? » kind of face. Honestly, this young man is dangerous… You can already forget everything you know about the princes:

Le petit prince (the little prince)


Prince of Persia


Prince de Lu

This one is an exception:

The Artist

3 – BW vs FIGHTING SPIRIT @house

I’ll talk less on the house part because I was too preoccupied to enjoy the whole moment and to be captivated by the dancers. Not that the other categories were crappy, it’s just that I was in total fascination…



« SEGA House! It’s stronger than you »

The performance of both teams were great but I will not lie, my heart inclined to the Fighting Spirit crew.

In this group, three dancers, three distinct but complementary personalities:

– Sarah BIDAW: a house style tinted with African inspiration, elegance, femininity and strong ground footwork.

– Frankwa: excellent footwork, more in the air. It is light, it is clever, it is a pleasure to see him dance. This is a virtuoso that should be watched over time.

– Perla: a mixture of aggressivity while keeping femininity, for a beautiful effect. It reminded me of Hilary Swank in « Million Dollar Baby. » (This is not a criticism. I’m not saying that Perla is a guy or anything…)

Those three have performed a combination that has made the crowd go crazy. Everything went wonderfully chained between the solo passage of Sarah, the trio on the ground and the duo Perla/Frankwa on the ground then standing. The moment that followed, I briefly blinked. When I reopened my eyes very large, Perla was on Frankwa’s shoulder, holding a banana and the two began to make modeling poses. Finally, Frankwa began to walks as on the catwalks, with Perla still on his shoulder. I re-blinked and when I reopened, people of the audience were on stage jumping, screaming with joy, in short … loving it to death!


I have not much to say about this battle except there was a good chemistry between the members of the crew Makandra.


In short, all the bboying and hip hop… It was cool but it didn’t stun me to the point I’d need to blacken the pages of my notebook… So the curious will have to wait videos :-p .


A bottle had to be used to designate the starting team because nobody wanted to start : MIGHTY G first.

O their side, you could feel the hesitation and eventually, Greenteck was the one to dance first. A little bit timidly, you see, as if the tune wasn’t that great to dance on. In any case, this didn’t prevent him from finding the necessary resources to unleash the dragon ; I found there the Greenteck I know and love, and to hear the public, I wasn’t be the only one to appreciate…

Djidawi, still as good, nothing to say. The same goes for Prince. Moreover, with his crazy pops, I wonder how he managed to not sweat …

❝This, young lady, is what we call « class »❞

Anyway… I just loved it, the style, the game, the technique and daring …

As for Monsta, he was in his own world, in communion with the music.

Bruce and Ness were spicier in this final, whether in dance or attitude.

In general, I thought this battle opposed somehow spirited insolent youngsters against the elders, who had to teach them what life is (the hard way). The atmosphere was charged with electricity, particularly between Bruce and Greenteck.

So acting, not acting … All I know is that I enjoyed the performances of the two teams and the victory was won by Inglorious Bastard.


High tension in bboying too, at the edge of a beef, in my opinion. But apparently, everything was fine, no need to worry, all this acting was part of the spirit… Well, if you want my opinion, that’s what i call good acting, way too good… actor studio^^. Anyway, SUBSKILLZ did a great job, they were really crazy…

In house, I loved everything, one team or the other (with a preference for FIGHTING SPIRIT again). DJ SamOne played good vibing tunes, and it was a pleasure to see him enjoying it under his headphones and playing with his mixing console…

In hip hop, I would simply say that when Paradox wears his blue plaid shirt, nothing can stop him.

That’s it for the report, now all you have to do is watching the release of the videos.






Woodyni Underground


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