The following article is a translation of this article. Don’t be mad at my shitty English :-/

Today, I’m gonna talk about Rush Ball, 2 Japanese dancers I absolutely love.

Before going any further in the descriptive process, let’s pause a second and discuss one tiny little detail: the crew name itself, Rush Ball.

This is the point where the translation becomes hard to do because jokes, idiomatic expressions and stuff like that are different from a language to an other.

The expression « rush ball » kind of makes sense in English (well, it’s english words in the first place…) but as I’m French, I was kind of curious to see what the Internet had to offer, regarding the translation:

  • Précipiter balle …………………..Google
  • Balle (boule) de ruée (jonc) ….. Reverso
  • Boule de précipitation ………….selon Systran

As I thought, those results are simply delirious… But you probably won’t see it…

Trying to define/translate artists’stage name is the same as trying to explain hair salons’ business names. Once again, this is where the translation fails… Or not… I don’t know what about other cultures but in France, hair salons names consist in crappy play on words, involving « hair »…

Anyway, something in the crew name evokes power and craziness, like a charging bull or a Hadoken rainfall.

That’s what i’m talking about

Well, somehow, this is what those girls are: a boundless energy bag, a firepower cake. It’s crushing.

It was in 2009, during world dance competition Juste Debout’s Paris preselections that they revealed themselves to an international public. They lost during the finals but definetly drew a great attention and made a big mark on everyone’s mind. At that time, they were like… 10-12 years old?

Despite this young age, they got the audience impressed by their ill vibe, great technique and chemistry.

Juste Debout 2009

Who are they ?

Kyoka YAMAMOTO, 17 y.o and Maika IKEDA, 15 y.o, both from Osaka, are since 2004 the duet Rush Ball.

They got into dancing very young, respectively 7 and 3, and quickly reached a level enabling them to dominate a lot of competitions (kids categroy) and earn the nickname « Naniwa no dangan musume » which can be translated by  Naniwa bullet  girls.

Naniwa is the ancient name of Osaka, Dangan means bullet and Musume means girl.

I’m just amazed by how the translation from Japanese to English absolutely makes sense, unlike Japanese to French (I had to do a tricky translation).

Anyway, those Bullet Girls set Bercy* on fire during Juste Debout 2012 but again, they lost during the finals :’-(.

I absolutely do not doubt they will reach the top step of the podium, as their style is gaining fineness and explosion.

Now young women, they play with their femininity without being caricature. They feel the vibe from head to toes and communicate it to the public.

At least, that totally works on me!

No more talking, videos speak by themselves :




Nice evolution.

Just a little precision: Maika’s partner during Juste Debout 2009 was Kazane. She’s not a crew member but stays in there entouage (crews: [Kyoka – Mirai – Kazane], IGNITER [Maika – Mao – Kazane]).

See ya!

*Bercy: a huge concert hall in Paris. 


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