Today is Octobre the 11st 2013.

But 10/11/2013 gives the equation 11+ 10+ 2013 = 2034

And 2+0+3+4 = 9

And 9, is no good, my friends.

9, (九, kyū/ku) in japanese, is a dreaded number, because it is pronounced like the kanji « suffering » (苦, ku) related to the Buddhist concept of duhkha (thank you, wikiki …).

So, in this evilly diabolic day, Woodyni, La Galérienne, tackles the great mysteries of Humanity and opens the files that History has tried to hide.

Kennedy’s murder ? Man first steps on the Moon ? Septembre  11th attacks? Tom Cruise ? These are many puzzles  that will not be revealed in this article…


Well, let’s get to the main topic.

Introducing… The targets!

In my sight today, 5 dancers. 5 top dancers, who have marked people’s mind in the world of Street Dance.



Such a class… Such a presence, don’t you think?

However, if you scrath the surface and go a little back in time, VERY interesting gems can be discovered.

Okay, less chit chat and more revelations…

1) Sesame Street (US educational program for children) :

3 dancers but only one of them is a target …


2) Sesame Street (?):

The 80’s and 90’s are LOL decades, in essence. But beyond the ghetto blaster, graffiti, loose and colorful clothes, there is a fusion of hip-hop and ecology => I say bravo. So does Al Gore.


3) « C’est pas juste » french TV program, hosted by Vincent PERRAULT:

This little kid has a bright future and nice galsses.


4) Kyary Pamyu Pamyu « Candy Candy »:

The japanese lady Gaga… Rather Lady Gaga who is the american Kyary. In this video, the singer is surrounded by a group of energic female dancers. Except one of them is a male. And i’ill gladly cut his legs then transplant them on my body (i mean: i’d replace MY legs by HIS)


5) Jospéhine BERTRAND « Nouveau Riche »:

Well… where to start…? This is THE hottest file of the day. Even the week. Probably the century, let’s be honest. I want to say thank you to the JDies (pronounce Djeydiz and not Djeyday  would have been cool too ==> little nickname I give to Juste Debout forum frequent user, who never stop inspiring me)


Woodyni (mwahahah – *evil laugh ») 



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