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Last weekend, the UK B-BOY CHAMPIONSHIP, one of the key events of the hip-hop scene, took place  in Birmingham.

[For those interested: Birmingham is neither London, nor its suburbs. You don’t want to land at the wrong airport, unlike two persons that will remain nameless…]

It was my first time attending and to be totally honest, UK B-BOY CHAMPS did not blow me away as much as I thought… I was more fascinated by the triangle sandwiches you can find in english supermarkets so…

…Daunat, Sodebo, (french brands) Weightwatchers and others; get a notebook, a pen and take notes:

Please make the effort. The poor slice of ham, the salad that’s running away, the soggy bread that sticks to the palate… you stop.

Back to the UKBC, especially the reasons why I draw a mixed conclusion.
First, you need to know that my feelings on a whole event depends on many points, and in UKBC’s case, here they are:

  • The dancers                                                 ★★★☆☆

Well, this is some matter for debate and discussion.  I thought it was lacking energy and dynamism, especially on the hip hop side. However, some of the dancers really blew my mind (this expression is rather soft to describe the way I really felt. I will detail this part down below)

  • Dj’s                                                             ★★★★☆
  • Public                                                        ★★★☆☆

Crazy and receptive for the b-boying; cheerless, somehow cold for the other categories. But, on the other hand, this event is mainly dedicated to b-boys so I’m not really surprised.

Anaïs (a french singer) used to sing « I haaate couples…* » (translated from the french lyrics). As for me, I only hate those who kiss every 3 seconds during a battle. Why? Because every 3 seconds, a dude is violating my field of vision by inserting is big head (therefore, blocking the view), in order to kiss his lady. That’s really annoying.

That’s all I have to say about the public.

  • Animation/interlude                            ★★★★☆

A crazy crew of beatboxers… A game involving 6 persons of the audience, which can be named « who has the best style? », judging the overall look, the pimp walk and a thong check (« underwear check » is enough to describe this part of the game but « thong » sounds more… ooh la la, winky winky)… And of course, The Japanese kids show (well, i guess that was nice, but I wasn’t there on time to check this out, unhappily!).

  • Organisation                                            ?

I didn’t notice anything particular (info: snacks and drinks are not allowed in the O2. And you automatically look suspicious if you bring a DSLR in your backpack. Appart from that, the security staff was really cool and smiling… Yes, you’ve read… {in France, security staff is not reputated to be warm and welcoming}).

Apparently, there was a misunderstanding for the popping preselections, which would have been made « automatically »: some participants couldn’t compete (to sum up, we went from a top 16 to a top 8, magically, with no battles. Not cool when you come from a distant country. Not cool anyway).

But, I didn’t witness, hence no marks.

  • O2 Birmingham Venue                          ★★★☆☆

The sound wasn’t really great (too bad for the beatboxers, their performance was a bit ruined by that). Two big speakers was placed on one part and the other of the stage so it created blind spots for those located on the balcony.


I appreciate the effort to broadcast the show on a big screen, though. But it didn’t change much for those in the red zone …

  • Psycho-physical predispositions  ★★☆☆☆

Yes, it does count! In fact, I was exhausted… Feeling in top form is something you cannot always do when you have to manage a double life … Not the kind of double life where you have three lovers, an account in Liechtenstein, a few friends in the Serbian mafia … Rather the kind of double life where you are journalist at the DailyPlanet the day and at night, you have to put a blue spandex unitard with a big « S » on it to save lives, but beware, your coworkers must not know. Aaah, if hip-hop could be my full-time life…

Plus, you must take into account the epic journey: you wake up at 5:30 am when you had initially planned to get up at 4:30, you realize that Birmingham is way farther that you thought … Not to mention the traditional airport badmafaks (bad motherfuckers) that make you throw your water bottle, and then, make you pay 4 euros in duty free zone (which represent 4 to 8 times the normal price in France… *sigh*). You’re hungry, your throat is dry, you do not want to pay the £ 2.5 for the Easy Jet chips and it’s out of question that you throw away your three mark&spencer triangle sandwiches at the entrance of O2, so you leave the queue and start heading to the hostel…

Woodyni. Nobody cares.

  • Around the event                                ★★★☆☆

Workshops and 2 parties.

I only went to one, the Waack Date, so the grade only concerns this party.

I could have put 5 stars, even 7! But the DJ, honestly, I don’t know where they got him from… The sounds were good, no doubt, but the transitions between them was sometimes really annoying. There was this moment, with absolutely zero music so I thought to myself « looks like it is the end… Time to go home ». But actually, no, it was a free cut for the sake of enjoying the silence or whatsoever…

Also, it felt as if people didn’t dare to dance. Ok, there’s always a few minutes/hours before people start to desinhibate and go wild, but if it takes too long… The party’s already over.

Otherwise, there were a whole lot of amazing battles because, in fact, the Waack Date is a 2 on 2 battle. Each team is composed of a waacker and a dancer from another style (locking, b-boying, dancehall, krump, tap dance, voguing…). A moment of pure euphoria 🙂

In general, this edition of the UK B-BOY Championship was cool, with a good overall atmosphere, an amazing show. But, the truth is I am mercyless when I’m reviewing something. NO MERCY FOREVER,mwahahah!!


– Mufasa, in hip hop: a pleasure to see her dance, she has something vibrant, she has soul, she releases something powerful when she moves. At least, that’s the effect on me. A bit of heat during the preselections…

– Hoan et Paradox, the conquest of Europe: it’s the invasion!! Those two pick up everything. They win everything. What I like about them is the beauty and the fineness of their style; no need for something « violent » and « explosive ». Paradox is classy. Hoan is subtle.

– Bruce YKANJI,the silver surfer. I already alluded to the Fantastic Four when I wrote about the JUSTE DEBOUT judges so, it makes sense. We will have to launch a series of investigations on his shoes, particularly the presence of a magnetic levitation system, because his glides, oh my… no way.

– Anna NINJA & SoFiabulous, winners of the Waak date contest. The first one is a voguer, the second is a waacker, 2 similar styles that I’m slowly learning to love. Now I saw them, my interest for those 2 styles have magically increased. They were beautiful (the clothes, the hair-dos, the make up…), elegant, with a diva attitude and a perfectly mastered performance. This is my crush because they were a true knockout. There is something captivating about them, I feel desire. This is the kind of sensation you have when you are a woman and you feel attraction for an other woman (homosexuality doesn’t count in that case, i guess), and you can’t help but « wow » at her… It reminds me of an old Axe/Lynx commercial, involving a woman who had to use the deodorant of her boyfriend because she ran out of hers and therefore, all the women in the street turned around as she was passing by…

– Morning of Owl, bboying korean team: THE heart crush of the week end. It’s b-boying at a level you can even imagine, way beyond human limits… One member was dressed as a ninja, with long hair and long ruffled clothes so, sometimes, you couldn’t distinguish whether he was upside down or right side up. He went too fast, and in any direction of space!

And a guy, name is Pocket if I’m right, who made a never ending combo of windmills/all the kind of spinds in one move. And on top of that, he took his tshirt off while doing it. HE… TOOK… HIS… TSHIRT… damn.

And so many other astonishing things, such as coming-right-from-a-remote-planet choreographies with a nanometrical precision, to the point  that you wonder if what just happened really happened or if it was just a figment of your imagination. They got the whole public to agree. Everyone was standing up like Danette (cultural joke) and screaming… I saw a huge amount of jaws on the floor, convulsed eyes, people in spasm … SICK!

I could talk for hours, but the best thing is to see the video (will update the post once it’s relased), including the final against the Japanese team, who did a marvelous job. I don’t want to stir shit up but, when you see JAPAN vs KOREA , you think: top level + enemy brothers=hot hot… But frankly, I think the Japanese got served…


MORNING OF OWL (Korea) – World Crew Champions
MENNO (Holland) – World Solo Champion
HOAN (Korea) – World Poppin Champion
PARADOX (Holland) – World Hip Hop Freestyle Champion
GRAVITY (USA) – IBE Seven to Smoke Winner
INTACT (Ukraine) – IBE Footwork Winner
EXTREMO (Spain) – Dirty 30s Winner
TAISUKE (Japan) – DJ Leacy Chief Rocka Award

Woodyni (Who? Dee? Nee?)






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